Within this area we will provide you with important BluePrint documents (outline, drafts) as well as the most relevant materials the BluePrint Core Group considers while writing the BluePrint.

The BluePrint Draft (Outline and drafts for the public/stakeholders)

Relevant Materials

  • Meredith, Michael P., et al. “The vision for a Southern Ocean observing system.” Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 5.3 (2013): 306-313.
  • Legler, D. M., et al. “The current status of the real-time in situ global ocean observing system for operational oceanography.” Journal of Operational Oceanography 8.sup2 (2015): 189-200.
  • Malone, Thomas C., et al. “A global ocean observing system framework for sustainable development.” Marine Policy 43 (2014): 262-272.
  • Malone, Thomas C., et al. “Enhancing the Global Ocean Observing System to meet evidence based needs for the ecosystem‐based management of coastal ecosystem services.” Natural Resources Forum. Vol. 38. No. 3. 2014.
  • Coastal Ocean Observing Systems