Relevant Documents and Material

Within this area we will provide you with important AtlantOS BluePrint documents as well as the most relevant materials the BluePrint Core Group considers while writing the documents.


BluePrint for an Integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing System (Vision)

The AtlantOS BluePrint Vision is being structured in the following manner:

  1. Vision for an Atlantic Ocean Observing System in 2030
  2. Meeting user needs
  3. Present Ocean Observing in the Atlantic
  4. Moving from the present to AtlantOS
  5. Getting data and information to users
  6. Innovation, Good Practice and Capacity Building in Ocean Observing
  7. Governance and Partnerships at the Atlantic Basin-Scale
  8. 2030 – Realizing the vision

Relevant Materials

  • All-Atlantic Ocean Observing System Brochure (EN/FR/ES/PT)