Sylvie Pouliquen – Ifremer, Coriolis and Euro-Argo ERIC, France

Sylvie Pouliquen is Head of Coriolis at IFREMER and Director of the Euro-Argo ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium). Since 2001, she has played a leading role in organizing in situ data integration and harmonization for the needs of operational oceanography services , both at French and European level. Since 2015, she leads the In Situ Thematic Assembly Center for the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring service.

Her research interests/current work deals with in situ data management for operational services, sustainability and evolution of the European contribution to Argo.

She is serving as Co-chair of the international Argo Data Management Team, and Chair of the EuroGOOS Data Management Exchange Working Group. She is and has been leading data management and European integration work packages in EU projects (AtlantOS, SIDERI, E-AIMS, GROOM and JERICO).