Filomena Vaz Velho – National Fisheries Research Institute, Angola

Filomena Vaz Velho is a Fishery Biologist at the University Agostinho Neto in Angola.  Filomena holds an MSc in fishery stock assessment from the University of Bergen (Norway), and did her Phd in Pelagic Fishery behaviour at the University of Algarve (Portugal). She is the General Director of the National Fisheries Reserach Institute in Angola. This position involves the definition of  research strategy and create a  mechanism to motivate the research. She is involved in the implementation  of FAO EAF-Nansen Programme, being a Angola Nacional co-leader of several Dr Fridtjof Nansen surveys carried out in Angola waters, with main scientific interest on behaviour of small pelagic  species. In the last two year she was server as chair of Benguela Current Commission Ecossystem advicer Committe and recentely was nominated as Angola Commissioner of the Benguela Current  Convention (BCC).